Have You Ever Noticed that the Days are Long but the Years are Short?

Don't let another season pass you by and leave you wondering where the time has gone. Your kids are only little for such a short time. Make the most of the time...

Looking for ways to enjoy time together as a family without breaking the bank or spending hours of preparation? Get 6 make and play activities, great for any age, sent right to your inbox each week throughout this season...and you don't even have to leave the house!!!

I can't promise you that Tommy will not have a meltdown when he doesn't win a game, or that Susie will not try to keep all of the pretty markers for herself and refuse to share...but I can promise you that it will be memorable! And you will be so glad that you left the screens behind and put the time aside to make some family memories.

Slow Down and Make Some Family Memories this Fall

And get 6 Autumn-themed stay at home ideas for making memories together. (Plus a yummy snack idea)

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